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We are committed to giving you real solutions that de-risk your business and remove the stress of relying on rainfall for your water security.
Water is an essential ingredient to all agriculture. With the advent of solar pumping, agricultural water solutions are fast becoming affordable and sustainable.
As the custodian of your land and stock, we understand how difficult and stressful it is to implement a water solution that removes or reduces the risk of drought. If there is water in the ground, we will find it, pump it and store it for you. We can even give you a remote management solution for stock bores, allowing you to do more productive things with your precious time.
We will also do it in a way that reduces business risk, is largely maintenance free and more importantly gets you closer to a zero marginal cost water solution.

We do this by implementing off grid solutions if you require. Gone are the days waiting for rainfall to fill your water stores. Gone are the days of pumping existing bores using grid electricity or generators.
Talk to us about no capital upfront options to replace your current grid or generator pumping setup, or a new fully tailored bore and pumping solution. [link to leasing options]
Find out how much you can save, how long the payback will be and how quickly you can remove the burden of water security for your business.

Solutions We Provide

Water Bores

At Future Water Solutions, we can install any bore to suit your water needs. Ranging from very high yield production bores that supply town water, to low yield stock bores and everything in between. We also install monitoring bores.

We have multiple drilling rigs that are multiple purpose and can drill Mud Rotary, Air Rotary and Down Hole Hammer.

Drilled water bores can be drilled up to 260 meters and can drill from 4” to 18” holes for larger production bores.

At Future Water Solutions, we carefully pick the right pump to the right application. Selecting the right pump for the right job, saves you money.

Gathering the right data beforehand means the pump is matched correctly and your total cost of ownership is lower.

Pumping Solutions

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